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Tam Cam Poster 
for a Thatre Play

Mon Jul 19 2022

The Story of Tấm and Cám

Tam Cam is an ancient Vietnamese fairy tale similar to Cinderella. The story is about two half-sisters; the eldest is named Tam (broken rice) and the youngest is named Cam (rice bran).

One day, the stepmother tells the girls to catch "tép" (shrimps) and promises to give them a new red yếm (a Vietnamese traditional bodice) to whomever catches the most.

Tam fills up her basket and Cam decides to steal her basket while Tam is washing her hair. When Tam sees that her basket is empty, she starts crying. Suddenly, Buddha appears and tells her to look in the basket where is a goby (fish). He tells her to raise the fish with rice.

The stepmother and Cam then kill the fish. Buddha appears again and tells Tam to bury its bones in jars.

When the king hosts a festival, the stepmother mixes up the rice and bran and tells Tam to separate them before joining the festival.

Buddha tells Tam to open the jars that she buried and in them are silk clothes, a scarf, a red yếm and a horse.

On her way to the festival, she loses her slipper. When the king was on his way, he found the slipper and decided to wed a woman to whom this slipper belongs to. He tells all the women on the festival to try it and only Tam was able to fit in it. The king commands his people to lead her to his palace to wed her.


This illustration is a poster for an upcoming Vietnamese play that we are preparing in Czech language 🤩 so stay tuned!