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On the Boil - Air Pollution

Fri Jul 19 2022

When Covid-19 first emerged, many debated whether wearing masks should be mandatory as for many people it’s restricting their freedom. However, imagine being born into the cities with air so thick and contaminated with black carbon that wearing a mask is a natural instinct. In Vietnam, the air you breathe is not free and often paid for with your sacrifice in health.

As a growing industrial country, Vietnam’s coal consumption has tripled and oil consumption has increased by 70% and undoubtedly, air pollution is one of the most imminent threats to local health and welfare in Vietnam. Heavy industries including cement, steel and chemical fertilizers, construction sites, motorbikes and cars are the major cause of the rising air pollution. Every year, an estimated 60,000 people die in Vietnam because of air pollution.

In Northern Vietnam, coal-fired electricity plants are in close proximity to cities, making air pollution much worse. The most recent study estimates that life expectancy for Hanoians is cut by 2.5 years on average due to continuous exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5).

In order to raise the awareness about this problem, I collaborated with founders of OTB Climate who educated me and helped me understand the consequences of global warming. 🙏🌎

I decided to create to versions of colours for this - the red one is supposed to visualize the turmoil of air pollution more, however the blue one creates a more hopeful meaning.