Bao Quyen Phan Tran
Illustrator & Mural Artist
Also co-founder of
Digital Creative Marketing, s.r.o.

Studio DC Space in Prague.

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Moon Phases

Sat Aug 5 2023

Phases of Identity

The phases of our identity can resemble the phases of the moon. Similar to how the moon goes through different stages, our behavior can vary depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in. Despite these changes, each phase is an integral part of who we are, forming a complete identity.


I was inspired to create this artwork when I shared my own identity struggles on Instagram and received feedback from others who could relate, regardless of their background. One friend, Ruth Guerra, likened these phases to the phases of the moon, where certain sides are more prominent at different times. This concept sparked my idea to depict the various stages of our lives in conjunction with the moon's phases. The artwork portrays a girl from multiple perspectives, representing the different phases of her life accompanied by the moon's phases above her.